Three Ways to Trim Your Tree

by Magnolia
Published on November 8, 2022

For us, decorating marks the beginning of the holidays—as we unpack old boxes, bring home new pieces, and create intentional spaces for merriment to unfold. At the center of it all, the Christmas tree. It’s a simple, lovely sight that signals the season is here and, therefore, wonder awaits.

When it comes to styling and trimming yours, there really are no rules. The best-dressed trees are the ones that reflect your story—and bring you and your family joy. So lean into what you love. And don’t be afraid to mix and match or try something new! You might even take a page out of Jo’s book and place a tree in (nearly) every room—letting each one highlight a different theme.

We’ve pulled together three Christmas tree styles to help inspire a look all your own as you return to this well-loved tradition. Now, let’s get started...

Look 1: Woodsy + Natural

A fresh and captivating scene that invites the outdoors in

This woodland-inspired look takes its cue from nature—with a hint of whimsy and magic. We love how organic forest greens and wood-like browns can pair together and complement the tree. Natural, intricate textures capture attention and make it all the more realistic.

The Base: Since this style is rustic and modest by nature—we recommend using a real evergreen tree as your base. Make a day out of going to a tree farm with your family or, even, out to the forest with a permit to find the one. Embrace what you find, even if it’s a little smaller (Charlie Brown trees, welcome!).

The Decor: Start with subtle, beaded garland or golden bells and then layer in your ornaments. Aim to balance playful pieces, like mushrooms or a felt mouse, with elegant, vintage-inspired bulbs. Place a few berry stems about and top it off with a wooden star for the finishing detail.

trim your tree

Look 2: Traditional + Nostalgic

A timeless look that feels like another era

Sophisticated and enchanting, this tree uses tried-and-true motifs that can remind us of Christmases past. From vibrant ruby reds to plenty of silver and gold, its classic colors also offer sentimentality with a sense of vintage charm.

The Base: We’d suggest a taller, fuller Christmas tree for this approach—something grand from the farm or even faux. The bigger the better to make a statement.

The Decor: First, wrap around a few strands of beaded garland. Then add in family heirlooms and ornaments—pieces that tell the story of first Christmases, big moves, life events, and more. Complete the look with metallic pieces like etched-glass ornaments or a golden tree topper to reflect the light.

trim your tree

Look 3: Playful + Eclectic

A uniquely festive sight filled with joyful details

Oh, what fun. This style is all about letting your creativity shine by weaving in some eclectic spirit. Contrasting colors, mixed materials, and versatile textures help personalize this look, along with more non-traditional and amusing details.

The Base: Here, we went with a tall faux tree with bendable branches that we could give a little personality. Find the tree that suits your space best and adjust it however you’d like.

The Decor: Begin by alternating unique garland strands made from wood, fabric, or felt. Then hang as many playful ornaments as you’d like. Finally, we recommend plenty of shiny tinsel to give your tree a vintage feel that brightens and warms the space.

There is so much goodness to look forward to this time of year: bright dazzling lights, fields covered in snow, halls decked with festivity and delight... So no matter which Christmas tree style you choose, we hope this guide has reminded you to look up and embrace the wonder of this season—and create a little beauty of your own, as well, right at home.

trim your tree


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