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Here's To Her

by Magnolia
Published on April 11, 2022

We often use Mother’s Day as a time to say thank you for how the women in our lives have shaped us, and of course that’s a good thing. We wouldn’t be who we are without their love, sacrifice, and support. But those women are still on a journey themselves. They aren’t fixed figures that only exist in the past. They’re still growing and dreaming just like we are, pushing forward into a future of their own making. Even those who are no longer with us remain close—informing how we see the world, leaving a legacy that grows clearer with time.

So, this year, our team wanted to focus on the fullness of who these women are—what they’ve taught us in the past, who they are today, and the chapters that they have yet to write. Filled with gratitude and hope, our message to those women is this: We are in your corner, cheering you on. In all the complex and beautiful versions that make up who you are, we are for you. Then, now, and always.

To bring this idea closer to home, we’re sharing a few personal stories from our staff about their own mothers:

My mom is a warrior, through and through. She left Cuba and everything she knew when she was 17, all in hopes of providing for her family and giving her future children a better life than she had. Even the hardest trials didn’t stop her from really living. She is the rock of our family, always persevering with kindness, humor, and strength. This is for her, so she can understand: Mami, Gracias a dios le doy todos los días por tener una madre como tú. Siempre dices que tus hijos son lo más grande que dios te podrá aver regalado en la vida, quiero que sepas que diosito te iso especialmente para nosotros. Y gracias a dios que eres la mía.

-Ana Foster, Magnolia Market Stockroom Crew Leader

I lost my mother to cancer when I was nine. While I only had a short time with her as a child, I have some special memories—including her “magic kiss.” She used to tell me that this was a spot in the middle of my forehead, and whenever I touched it and remembered her, she would be with me. Looking back, she was so thoughtful and intentional to give that to me—something that would comfort me long after she was gone, even now as I’m one month away from having my first child. No matter the amount of time you have with someone, their impact and love can be everlasting, just like the magic kiss.

- Amanda Noonan, VP of Marketing

Just like her mother had done, my mom wanted to give her children a love for music. My passion for it grew early on, but it took shape in a way neither of us was expecting. Even though my journey with music looks different than hers, she was still determined to help me grow and nurture my gifts. Now I joke that she’s my “momager” (my mom and manager), helping me make connections and book gigs. Just goes to show that my mom is evolving right along with me, and she’s always got my back.

- Chris Martin, Magnolia Home Crew Leader

As a band director, my mom has helped kids reach their full potential—not just by teaching the importance of practice and hard work, but by encouraging a love of music and helping them imagine a future they never thought possible. After all her years in the classroom, she’s hungry for her next adventure—working as a financial planner to help the next generation of teachers prepare for their future. She’s currently taking steps to make this dream a reality, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

-Rebekah Carter, Copy + Voice Intern and Silos Baking Co. Host

My mom saw life as a joyful noise. She taught me that every situation is temporary, and even if you’re struggling, you can choose gratitude and find new hope in tomorrow. My mom passed away in 2011, but she’s still the voice in my head that encourages me to keep going and to spread joy everywhere I go.

-Vicky Garner, Magnolia Home Crew Leader

My mom is the type of mom that burns spaghetti but makes perfectly-baked cookies afterward. She also loves being a grandmother. Buying a new home to make it more kid-friendly with space to play, naming it “Memaw’s Place”—it’s a journey she’s always wanted, and now she’s living it. She has a beautiful heart and deserves the world.

- Colton Jones, Production Artist

After a year of battling breast cancer, my mom is now cancer free! I love watching her embrace this new season of health and freedom. She’s even returned to old passions again, like drawing. When she was my age, she was an architecture sketch artist—a lot of her work is displayed in my home. Every time I’ve traveled with her, she would draw to remember places that inspired her. I hope she continues to dive back into her art and make pieces that help others see the world through her eyes.

-Ashley Friesen, Staging + Styling Manager


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