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The Little Shop On Bosque

Welcome to the Little Shop on Bosque — the original home of Magnolia Market. We offer slightly damaged and last chance items at a discount. From vases and florals, to apparel and gifts, there are so many great finds here!


3801 Bosque Blvd Waco, Texas 76710

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm
the Story of

After years of dreaming of opening her own home decor boutique, Chip encouraged Jo to open a little store that they decided to call Magnolia. The shop opened for business in 2003. Fun fact: Chip made the metal letter sign for Joanna and it still sits atop the building today.

They closed its doors a few years to focus on raising their kids, then reopened in 2014 — but quickly outgrew the space. Magnolia Market was relocated to the Silos property downtown in 2015, now home to an even bigger dream of both Chip and Joanna’s. In 2018, the original store was renamed the Little Shop on Bosque, restored to its former glory, and is now back in business!