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magnolia journal winter 2021
magnolia journal winter 2021
magnolia journal winter 2021

Magnolia Journal Winter 2021


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The Magnolia Journal—Winter 2021 issue celebrates the delight that fills this season, both in big, constructed moments and small, unexpected ways. Inside you’ll find stories that explore the idea of training our eyes to see delight everywhere; including an invitation to consider which traditions to continue and where to start anew, comforting winter recipes that use the season’s most-loved flavors to share with friends and family, and a challenge from Chip to embrace the unexpected. 

Click here to download art and recipes mentioned in the latest Magnolia Journal issue. 

Magnolia Journal is a quarterly magazine by Chip and Joanna Gaines containing inspiration for life and home. Useful as a resource and a guide to living well, Magnolia Journal contains stories, recipes, tips, and useful information you will refer back to again and again. To start your subscription to Magnolia Journal, click here.