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by Joanna Gaines
Published on February 1, 2023

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to take on a few spontaneous and quick—no Demo Day required (sorry Chip!)—home renovation projects, highlighting small adjustments that can make a big impact. So I got the team together and we tackled our first “Mini Reni.”

This is the home of a couple who just had a baby and were feeling overwhelmed by all that needed to get done before they moved in. We got the keys a week before they were set to move in, so we were mostly working with a blank slate. We updated three rooms: the living room, a bedroom, and the dining room and had seven days to complete the project.

The whole thing was fast and furious—we did some cosmetic updates and brought in some beautiful furniture and accessories. I’ve been designing homes for the past 20 years and one thing I know to be true: Sometimes all you need is a few days or a few key pieces to turn a room into a space you love.

You can find details of how we transformed these rooms and more before + afters in the links below.

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Living Room: Before + After

see the living room

Dining Room: Before + After

see the dining room

Bedroom: Before + After

see the bedroom

My hope is that you’ll walk away not only inspired, but empowered with practical ways to transform your own space—whether it’s through a fresh coat of paint or welcoming in a piece of furniture you love. It’s amazing how far small adjustments can go to make a space feel more like home.

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