A Guide to Intentional Gifting

by Magnolia
Published on November 7, 2022

A decorated Christmas tree in a living room next to the mantel.

With Christmas on the horizon, we’re pausing to recenter our hearts and minds on the joy of giving, especially to those whose presence in our lives can be the greatest gift of all. When we set aside to-dos and choose to be present with friends and family, gifting becomes more than a box wrapped in paper. It marks an intentional moment that helps show the ones we love they are valuable to us.

Here, we’re sharing our guide to gifting—intentionally. We hope it inspires you to see the delight that is layered into each and every moment this season, and beyond.

Remember: It's More Than a List

A young girl making Christmas cookies.

The names on a Christmas list are so much more than line items to be checked off. Each name represents a source of love in our lives, and a person who has invested their precious time into us.

Take a pause: Before venturing into a crowded marketplace or browsing deals online, spend some time considering what makes those people so special to you. Recall shared memories you may have together, things they have become interested in over the last year, or new skills they’re learning, and write down a few notes under each name. You may come up with just the thing to let them know they are seen and supported.

If you need a place to start, explore our curated gift guides.

A puzzle with a cowboy on a mountain road on the front of the box.
A ceramic mug with a small evergreen tree decal on the center.
Linzer cookies on a wooden board next to a cookie cutter set.
Blue, brown, yellow, and black leather keychains in line against a beige backdrop.

Make room for the unexpected: Leave space at the end of your list for a handful of unexpected names. The mailman. A leader of a local nonprofit. The familiar face you see in the checkout line at the grocery store. Delight them with something simple but thoughtful—a batch of cookies, an encouraging word, or a few hours spent volunteering for a cause they care about.

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Invite Others Into Your Shopping

The Shops at the Silos decorated for Christmas.

The tree is up, lights are strung, and cookies are baked and decorated. You may already have some gifts tucked away in a closet by now, but it’s still a great time to find some gems on the shelves of your favorite stores. One way to keep the hunt for last-minute gifts from becoming burdensome is to invite someone you love to join you—a spouse, a friend, a sibling. Set aside an unhurried afternoon to stroll through a few of your favorite spots, making space for both scheduled stops and off-the-cuff detours.

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Wrap With Intention

An assortment of gifts wrapped in various patterned papers.

A beautifully wrapped gift is a treasure on its own. When we deliver a wrapped box to the people on our list, we’re giving them a burst of anticipation. The mystery gives way to joyful abandon when they rip open the paper to see what’s inside. Christmas is meant to be fun, and part of the gift is in how it’s presented. That’s why we’re not skipping out on good old-fashioned gift wrap.

Spread the cheer: Bring in the kids and teach them how to wrap gifts on their own. If a few come out looking less-than-perfect, all the better. Then, instead of (or in addition to!) a traditional tag, opt for a handwritten note that shares why you thought of this gift for the recipient and what they mean to you. Even if you share the sentiment in person, the note will be a lovely reminder that you were thinking of them throughout the season.

A gift wrapped in green striped-paper with a red-striped bow.

Cherish the Greatest Gift

Two children reading a book under a doorway decorated with green garland.

Maybe it’s around a tree, in passing at a holiday party, or across the street at a neighbors’ house—it’s here we can practice intentional gifting. After all, it's the simple thought and sentiment behind a gift that tends to make the people around us feel known.

To give is to receive an abundance of joy that can only come from making others feel loved. And when we do, the old adage rings true: it's better to give than receive. It was never about the thing or how much it cost or who gets what, but about the people who fill up our lives with goodness and hope—and that is the greatest gift of all.

happy gifting!