A Fall Reset

by Joanna Gaines
Published on September 3, 2019

It’s common knowledge that a new year technically begins on the first of January; but for me, it has long-been the first signs of fall that officially declare the start of a new beginning.

Over the years, I naturally began to think of the calendar year as October to October; partly because it’s a month that carries a lot of significance for our family. I opened the doors to the Little Shop on Bosque in October; and that same month twelve years later, we hosted our first SilobrationOpens in new tab at Magnolia Market. For those reasons, October always feels like a homecoming of sorts for both Chip and me. It’s also our family’s return to familiar rhythms that makes this season feel like a new beginning. The months of keeping sleepy summer hours is over, and within a week replaced with morning routines, after-school practice, and evening homework.

In past years, I have experienced what can happen when fall creeps in quietly and quickly, before I have had a chance to welcome it properly. It has been in those seasons that I’ve found myself mid-winter feeling like we were on a rollercoaster, with no signs of slowing down ahead. And while I understand the significance of designating January as the time of year to reset, I think that same notion is just as valuable in the fall. So that instead of ending the year in a blur, wondering how it all unfolded so quickly, we can set ourselves up to enjoy all the goodness this season brings. A few years ago, I felt that it was important that our family get in front of what is typically the busiest season of our year—as the start of the school season gives way to after-school activities season, which then gives way to the holiday season. And that in order to best live out those three short months, we needed to intentionally hit the reset button—for our minds, our hearts, and our home.

I like to begin with what to purge—first of my mind and then of our home—because for me, the reward in ridding those places of unhealthy or unnecessary clutter is that it makes room for something new, or something more worthy to take its place. When it comes to decluttering the spaces in our home, I’ll have the kids help me so that they too can take a look at what they need to shed in order to make room for any growth that this season may hold for them. Once we all feel like we can breathe a little lighter, we’ll reorganize the essentials in a way that will set us up for success once the season is underway. I also like to make a physical list of things I want to approach with a fresh perspective in this new season. And whether it’s related to our family or our work, I think there is power in writing down the things we want to see or understand with renewed clarity. We’ve created a one-page sheet where you can take note of each of these things. Print here to get started.Opens in new tab

After I’ve purged, reorganized, and jotted down the ways I want to mentally shift, it’s time for the visual reset. When it comes to refreshing the details in our home, I consider all five senses; the things we’re smelling, hearing, touching, tasting, and seeing. To me, lighting a fall-scented candle, swapping in pillows and throws that are rich in color and texture, and playing something low-key on the record player sets the tone for how we can live out the entire season.

While I get that my kids aren’t likely to notice, let alone articulate, how swapping out florals and pillows affects their mindset going into a new season, I have seen how they respond to the familiar scent of my favorite fall candle that I burn year after year, and I know they’ll remember many years from now how comforting the first soup of the season always tasted. I can’t help but believe that even those small familiarities will one day become etched into their sense of home.

As fall approaches, instead of bracing ourselves for the chaos, let’s prepare to fully embrace its goodness. Because even more than the rushed mornings and hectic schedules that this season promises, what it offers us in even greater measure is growth, gratitude and wonder. Here’s to celebrating this new season!

Print out the checklistOpens in new tab (I filled in a few blanks on this one to get you started) for your fall reset and check out some of my favorite items from the fall collection to get you inspired for the season!

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