Summer at Magnolia

by Magnolia
Published on May 17, 2019

It’s time again for another beautiful install at the shop! We can’t wait for you to see how the stories from this season’s Magnolia Journal have inspired the newest displays.

This year in Magnolia Journal, we’re exploring the overall theme of identity, and following spring’s theme of authenticity is summer’s theme: freedom. We believe that transformative freedom is a worthwhile pursuit, making a way for us to see our lives as they are meant to be seen and for us to live our lives as they are meant to be lived. Read a few more thoughts from Jo on freedom hereOpens in new tab.

All the months of planning and preparation come down to install day. Check out this video to see how summer came together at the Market:

Watercolor Painting and Paper Birds

The wall at the front entrance of the Market is a beautiful watercolor piece that you see as soon as you walk in. It was hand painted to look like the field from the cover of the summer issue. About 80 handmade birds hang over the watercolor structure which symbolizes the theme and feeling of freedom.

These birds are each made with wood, wire and paper, and our visual team went through six prototypes before going with this one!

Creeping Fig Ivy

The leafy green vines you’ll see in the space are called creeping fig ivy, which was featured in this season’s issue of the magazine. Creeping fig is a unique plant that grows fast and free on any vertical surface, so the visual team was excited to replicate that same movement and growth in the shop. Each leaf was made from hand-treated paper and given its green color with an acrylic and watercolor wash. Then, the leaves were laser cut and each edge was scraped to reveal slight white edges. You’ll see these creeping fig ivy vines “growing” up the large, custom-welded garden structure in the very center of the Market. Read more about the creeping fig ivy on page 50 of Magnolia Journal.

Dried Wildflower Boxes

These beautiful displays of handmade flowers and dried wildflowers are scattered in custom boxes throughout the Market. You’ll see a lot of these in the kitchen area and in the Grain Barn. The petals of the flowers are made from crate paper, hand painted and cut to size. The green petals are made from dyed coffee filters and the center of the flowers are a twine and rope combination, brushed out with a fine tooth comb. You’ll see a version of these dried flower boxes carry into the fall as well.

The Market is ready for you, so plan your summer trip and come see the newest display. It will be out until August, so we hope to see you here soon. Be sure to share your photos with us on social media by using the hashtag #themarketwall.