5 Home Renovation Ideas for Summer

by Magnolia
Published on April 24, 2024

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Pair extended daylight with sunny weather, and you have ideal conditions for tackling a few home projects. These slower, plan-free days can make space for us to finally roll up our sleeves and revive rooms we’ve been avoiding or create something entirely new.

Just in time to start hosting summer gatherings, we’ve pulled together a few approachable home renovation ideas to help refresh overlooked spaces—whether it’s building a utility rail for extra storage or installing a fire pit to enjoy star-filled skies. Read on for some helpful good-to-knows and beginner-friendly workshops that guide you through each project, step by step.

Break out a hammer, it’s time to get handy at home!

Installing an In-Ground Fire Pit

“In-ground fire pits are easy to install, low in maintenance, and, in theory, you could get all the supplies delivered directly to your home—or you could just pick them up at your local home improvement store.” – Rachael Freitas

From Learn to Landscape: Easy Backyard ProjectsOpens in new tab with Rachael Freitas.

why do it: to create a focal point for summer gatherings

supplies checklist: steel fire pit, wheelbarrow, shovel, all-purpose flour, level, sand, seating, and logs

01 Choose a location.

02 Prep the space.

03 Dig a hole for the pit.

04 Add seating.

Shelf Utility Rail

Add beauty, function, and a little extra storage to your entryway or mudroom with a custom hook rail and shelf.

From Handcrafted Home ProjectsOpens in new tab with Jenni Yolo.

why do it: to add extra storage space that doubles as decor

supplies checklist: wood planks, ½-inch copper pipe, tape measure, pencil, miter saw, safety glasses, stud finder, drill, 1½-inch trim screws, straight edge tool, ⅝-inch spade bit, sandpaper block, clamps, work bench, brad nailer (or hammer and framing nails), paint and brush, pipe cutter, Rub n’ Buff, foundation brush, wood filler, brad nails, and hooks

01 Measure and cut your wood.

02 Cut and prepare your brackets.

03 Paint your shield and brackets.

04 Cut and buff your copper tubing.

05 Finish assembling your shelf.

Custom Door Trim

Take a door or an old piece of furniture and make it new with custom hardboard trim and a paint color of your choice.

From Modern Home DIYsOpens in new tab with Brooke Gilliam.

why do it: to refresh an existing piece with a few easy steps

supplies checklist: straight edge tool, pencil, tape measure, push pins, hardboard, table saw (optional), jig saw, clamp, work bench, paint, sander, grasscloth wallpaper, scissors, spray adhesive (or glue), spreader (or credit card), furniture hardware, and drill

01 Measure and mark the wardrobe.

02 Measure and mark the arch.

03 Cut out the panels.

04 Cut out the arch.

05 Paint the panels.

06 Paint the wardrobe.

07 Measure and cut the wallpaper.

08 Attach the panels and wallpaper.

09 Attach the hardware.

Hand Painting a Wallpaper Effect

Make a moment out of blank wall space in your home with just a few materials and two simple steps.

From Handcrafted Home ProjectsOpens in new tab with Jenni Yolo.

why do it: to express creativity with your choice of paint and pattern

supplies checklist: flat-finish paint, four-inch foam brush, paint tray, painters tape, tape measure, level, floor cover, and cardboard

01 Tape your guides.

02 Apply your paint.

Creating a Walkway with Pavers

“What I love about a good walkway is that it’s leading me to something. I am going from point A to point B, and I've got something intentional taking me there.” – Rachael Freitas

From Learn to Landscape: Easy Backyard ProjectsOpens in new tab with Rachael Freitas.

why do it: to create an intentional path to a garden or fire pit

supplies checklist: pavers, shovel, straight edge tool, pencil and paper (for sketching), soil with mushroom compost and fertilizer, pine straw mulch, and plants

01 Choose a paver.

02 Plan the formation.

03 Install the pavers.

04 Add plans along the walkway.


Easy Does It

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Green paint is on dining room walls.
Subtly striped wallpaper dresses the walls of a breakfast nook.
Leafy green wallpaper dresses the wall behind an entryway bench.
5 Renovation Ideas for Sumemr

Mini Reni

For more approachable inspiration and affordable ways to add character to your home, explore Jo’s mini flips on our blog—or watch Mini Reni on Magnolia Network to see how she transforms three rooms in just one week.

Dining Room after photo
Mini Reni 02: Breakfast Nook